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Member Associations

The importance of aerosol science and technology was recognized around 1990 when Taiwan scholars including Prof. Chiu-sen Wang, Prof. I-Fu Hung, Prof. Man-Ting Cheng, Prof. Chuen-Jinn Tsai, colleagues of ILOSH (Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Taiwan) and many others had decided to form an aerosol association that is devoted to foster aerosol science and technology research in Taiwan. The Chinese Association for Aerosol Research in Taiwan (CAART) was finally founded in August 1992 which was later renamed as Taiwan Association for Aerosol Research (TAAR) in August 2007. Its mission is to promote research and applications of aerosol science and technology in Taiwan. TAAR holds the annual International Conference on Aerosol Science and Technology (ICAST) which is well attended. Since 2001, TAAR has published the AAQR (Aerosol and Air Quality Research) journal which was later turned into a SCI journal in 2008. Now the AAQR publishes 6 issues per year focusing on all aspects of aerosol science and technology, atmospheric science and air quality related issues.

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